Viktor Van River — electronic project from Kazakhstan, represented by beatmaker and musician Viktor Chuprin.
Genres: Trip Hop, dub, downtempo, lo-Fi.
Labels: Dusted Wax Kingdom (Bulgaria), blocSonic (US).

In the May 2014 was released artist’s debut mini album titled “Almost human”, which consists of 5 tracks (one of which was recorded with musician from Saratov — Dr. M.o.m.).

In October 2015 the artist discography replenished second release “Damaged».

In October 2017, saw the light of the third release and the first full-length album “Triumph of unconscious”.

In July 2018 was released «Biorobot» EP, on US netlabel blocSonic.

Each work is done in the style of a classic trip-hop sound and new approaches to the sound.

Upcoming album

Lack of news here, hehe. Working on upcoming album now, it promise to be fire! Hope to finish before the summer.
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